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Marmomacc 2012

Exhibition Date:26-29 September,2012


Marmomacc is the essential appointment for operators in the stone industry, from machinery to instrumental products, from blocks to more complex processing, for professionals in construction and contract sectors as well as designers and decision makers seeking success in an increasingly specialised and competitive context.

The 46th edition of the most important event in the world for natural stone operators - from unfinished stone through to design installations in natural stone, machinery and related products - resumes its historical scheduling in the third week of September in order precisely to respond positively to a requirement of the sector. The exhibition will consequently be held with more favourable dates for international operators, who can thereby optimise their stay in Italy, and for companies in the Holy Arts field. The rescheduling of Marmomacc also sees it ranks as the first world event held after the summer break and therefore in more agreeable weather conditions.

In the meantime, statistics are now available for international visitors at the recent edition of Marmomacc: despite the difficult market and economic situation, the balance was positive with overall growth of 12.5%: there were 23,061 international operators in 2009 and 25,368 in 2010. The increase in international operators was more accentuated for geographical areas with more lively economies, such as Asia, South America and North Africa: for example, there were 221 operators from Egypt 221 (+21.43%), 72 from Libya (+75.6%) and 130 from Tunisia (+21.5%). As regards Asia, there were 737 Chinese visitors (+3%), while India posted a full-scale boom with an impressive 908 operators - up by +54.1% compared to 2009. The Middle East saw Israel improve with 412 visitors (+52%), followed by the Lebanon with 231 operators (+26.9%). Two other historically important countries for the sector, such as Brazil and Turkey, also turned in an increase: The first with 474 operators (+63.4%), the second with 830 (+49.2%). In Europe, there was 19.8% growth in operators from Germany - one of the most important markets for processed products which in recent months has seen signs of a recovery. Lastly, a couple of curious news items: two operators also attended from the Vatican City, where marble is certainly at home. It is rather more difficult to imagine the commercial interest of the single operator arriving from none other than the Antarctic.

The MARMOMACC 2011 is also on the schedule now. If you are interesting in this show, please contect us.


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